Supreme Loft Ladder Case Study

The Challenge ...

The customer had been accessing the loft via a step ladder through a small loft hatch in the restricted entrance to their Kitchen. This was not very convenient, or safe!

The Solution ...

After discussion with the customer, it was decided that the loft hatch would be better placed in the spacious Reception Hall of the bungalow rather than the entrance to their kitchen. The new location allows for a larger loft hatch and more space to climb the ladder.

The newly-fitted Supreme Loft Ladder operates with the help of a spring counter-balance system which results in effortless operation, including opening the loft hatch and deploying the ladder. In addition to this, the treads on the ladder are extremely deep and wide for a sure footing. Furthermore, the ladder comes complete with an extendable telescopic handrail for added safety when climbing.

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